Turn your ideas into commercial realities

What we do

Lexify is a specialist consultancy for publishing and media businesses.

Put simply, we help publishers solve commercial problems. We do this by providing specialist services across three key areas:

  1. Turning good ideas into commercial realities
  2. Identifying and implementing strategic partnerships and alliances
  3. Transforming traditional product lines into digital offerings

If you’re after lots of funky PowerPoints to tell you what you should do, you’re in the wrong place. Lexify is all about getting stuff done.

Why we exist

Running a publishing or media business is hard these days.

Constant disruption and changing business models make it a very challenging environment, especially when traditional product lines aren’t as successful as they once were.

That’s why Lexify exists.

We understand the challenges and can assist with commercialising your new ideas while maintaining the integrity of your brand and products. Check out our Case Studies to see how we’ve done this for some of our happy clients.

Some of our clients include: