Case Study 1:
Creating more value for customers by generating more revenue….and fast!


The Publisher’s problem: Wolters Kluwer (CCH) is one of the world’s leading publishers of tax and legal content for professionals. Their products are highly respected, but can increasingly be seen as less valuable in a Google world.

CCH approached Lexify to assist with growth and customer retention initiatives, all of which had to be completed within a short time frame to meet financial targets.


Lexify’s solution: Lexify identified and implemented a solution that gave CCH a brand new product offering to roll out to customers. In addition to the fantastic content that CCH’s subscribers had access to, Lexify identified that adding a new offering giving customers access to a Q&A style service would directly complement their existing subscription, leading to increased customer engagement and a new line of products to bring to market.


What happened next: Lexify advised that finding a strategic partner would get the new Q&A service to market a lot faster than building from scratch. So, we swept the market to identify an appropriate strategic partner and found IFX, who already run an existing Q&A service for lawyers and accountants.

Lexify brokered a strategic alliance that allowed CCH to quickly white-label IFX’s offering and roll it out to their customers – initially as a method of retaining existing customers, and in the longer-term it is now a fully-fledged standalone product offering to CCH customers. The end result – more revenue, happier customers and a great new product offering.


Case study 2:
Finding new markets for your existing content


The Publisher’s problem:  Timebase is an independent publisher specialising in the online delivery of accurate, comprehensive and innovative legislation research tools. They’ve invested significant time and money into their excellent platform, but at the moment its market is limited to mostly top tier law firms, government agencies and libraries.

Timebase approached Lexify to assist in identifying new markets for their content and platform.


Lexify’s solution: Lexify quickly identified that one of the key areas for expansion is in the academic market, whereby the Timebase platform can be used to replace traditional textbooks for law students.

Lexify conducted a full market sweep of academics, students and publishers and came up with a step-by-step plan for Timebase to use for expansion of their product into the academic market.


Case Study 3:
Helping small publishers play with the big boys!


The Publisher’s problem: Information Exchange Corporation (IFX) is an independent publisher of legal content, driven off the back a successful platform that connects lawyers and accountants with expert advisers.

IFX wanted to grow off the back of strategic partnerships with big-brand publishers and approached Lexify to assist.

Lexify’s solution: Lexify quickly identified that Lexis Nexis would have a need for IFX’s products, and brokered a strategic partnership that allowed Lexis Nexis to leverage IFX’s platform to roll out a new service to their customers.


Case Study 4:
Providing hands-on management of a strategic divestment

The Publisher’s problem: CCH made a strategic decision to divest their academic textbook list, in order to focus their business on tax and legal professionals in practice. M&A is a tricky business, and CCH needed specialist industry expertise to ensure the divestment went well. They engaged Lexify to lead this divestment.


Lexify’s solution: Lexify moved quickly to identify potential buyers of the asset and found Oxford University Press as the most appropriate buyer. Lexify led the project to divest the asset and assist with the transition post-completion.

The result was a successful transaction, where both the buyer and seller got a great outcome.


Case Study 5:
Launching a new division for Australia’s biggest online book retailer

The problem: Booktopia ( is Australia’s biggest online book retailer. They decided to create a new division to move into wholesale distribution and asked Lexify to assist with the launch and growth of this new division.

Lexify’s solution: Lexify moved quickly to determine a commercial model for this new division, called Booktopia Publisher Services ( We then engaged a range of publishers to use the BPS services and onboarded a slew of new publishers and customers. Concurrently we worked with internal stakeholders to ensure that all appropriate systems, processes and onboarding  practices were in place to be able to bring new customers into BPS. This project is ongoing and experiencing rapid growth.